Unlucky #12

The Associated Press reported yesterday that Texas A&M will allow the Seahawks to continue their "12th Man" campaign, after originally suing the NFL team. Needless to say, we all lose in this situation. Already a preseason selection for the Unrealest of the Year, the 12th Man is the perfect example of "Sports marketing gone bad".

Good marketing: Plastic Boy, fire balls atop the shot clock
Bad marketing: The 12th Man

Adding to our anger is Seahawks' CEO Tod Leiweke (yes, he spells it with one "d"): "The 12th Man symbol is a lot more relevant in our world than it's ever been."

What the hell is he talking about?

We are hoping Seattle's #1 fan, Ken Wall, will provide us with answers...

You know your city sucks when these are the two things you are most proud of...


Anonymous said...

Where is some love for Tayshaun? Two fantastic games on the offensive and defensive end and no love? What gives?

Anonymous said...

as a seahawk fan, what is this blogs problem with our team doing this? Have I missed something? If so, I'd like some info. On another note, Seattle is a great city, visit it sometime, it might change your perspective on things. GO HAWKS!!!! NFC WEST CHAMPS!!!!! 4 YEARS IN A ROW!!!!