Return of the King

I'm not speaking about LeBron, I'm speaking of the Michigan softball team.

It's been a slow couple days, but let's talk 'M' softball for a moment. We can't say it enough: they are exactly what every major Michigan sport is NOT: clutch, confident, focused, determined.

If you didn't see the game yesterday, Jennie Ritter was unstoppable. Think Chris Perry in the 2004 Ohio State game (minus the ankle injury): she was not going to lose. Seven innings, two hits, no runs, 9 strikeouts.

Tiffany Haas, who isn't having a great season, was of course clutch - putting the nail in the coffin with an RBI single in the 6th inning.

For once, I could sit back as a Michigan fan and watch as the other team pissed the game away (4 errors for Northwestern).

And then when it was over, they acted like it was business as usual. As if to say, "just throw that trophy on the shelf." I love it.

Somewhere, Ron Mott is smiling.....

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