As earlier reported, the SE Oklahoma St. Savages changed their name to the "Savage Storm" in January. While it is still obnoxious and offensive the "Best Nickname in College Sports" is up for grabs out of principal for attempting to be PC.

We'll let you guys decide...

Rhode Island College Anchormen *
Skinny: Please tell us the students dress up as Ron Burgundy before each game.

Converse All-Stars
Skinny: We love the "Hoosiers" look for the Cagers, but the football team must really suck ass....

Brooklyn College Bridges
Skinny: Would definitely win a contest for the dumbest nickname in college sports, hence a front-runner for this award as well....

Gettysburg Bullets
Skinny: Very un-PC... we just want to see a headline in the student paper read "BLOOD BATH!"

Washington & Lee Generals
Skinny: Now the most offensive name in college sports, hands down... I wonder what the reception would be like if they played at Grambling...

Whitman Missionaries
Skinny: This school is a fraud if students don't take years off for service, like at BYU... does on-the-field trash talk include, "I'll convert your bitch ass..."?

Rhode Island School of Design Nads (hockey team)
Skinny: Needs a PA announcer that, after each goal, yells "SPLOOOOOOOOOOOOGE!"

* Also the nickname for Puget Sound

Jay-Z: The King of Nicknames

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