Rashaan Salaam Update

Per request, here is the most recent information from last summer's Miami Herald on the former Heisman Trophy winner (the article does not mention this, but Salaam currently resides in his hometown of San Diego):

These days, Rashaan Salaam promotes martial-arts fights staged in China.

"If you let dollars get in the way when you are trying to make an impression in the NFL and fit in with your new team, you're a fool, man, trust me," says Salaam.

Salaam, a former first-round draft pick, blames a 16-day holdout as a rookie for marring his all-too-brief career with the Chicago Bears from 1995-97.

Saying he believes that life begins at 30, Salaam, a former marijuana user, proudly revealed he had "stopped smoking weed."

In addition, he has accepted responsibility for his part in a disappointing pro football career that included unsuccessful comeback attempts with the Oakland Raiders and San Francisco 49ers, the XFL and the CFL.

"The older you get, you look at the good things and bad things in life a little differently," Salaam adds.

"I would have loved to have gained 10,000 yards, be in the playoffs and beat Green Bay, but it didn't happen."

Salaam admitted that he occasionally looks back with regret.

"Sometimes when I think about the holdout and how things went with the Bears, it still hurts."

"Rashaan: are you in there???"

ENIS UPDATE: It has also come to our attention that the Chicago Tribune reported last summer that Curtis Enis "works the third shift at a garage-door factory in Russia, Ohio"


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