Zubino on 24: Just Another Plane Crash for Jack

By The Great Zubino
Realests Correspondent

Oh yes, I’m back and I’m better than ever. And I’m sick that no NFL team drafted Marcus Vick, damn shame. But into this week’s 24:

They spend too much damn time on “Previous on 24” section of the show. It takes away from the shows real time factor and just sucks in general.

Buchanon is acting like an old school Tony now, and he’s doing it well. I also like how they're moving the different locations of the show for each episode, it’s pretty cool. The airplane is cool… but hey, isn’t this the same plane that Mandy blew up in season 1? (haha)

If Chloe gets picked up in the bar…. That guy must have had a couple of drinks, and this guy looks like a complete tool.

Martha’s gonna go certifiably insane by the end of the day. Not giving her the medication is gonna drive everyone on the show fuckin’ insane. Even though she might have become a loved character, I would rather watch Logan and Drofo have a Father vs. Son wrestling match.

Does anyone have any idea about the company that Logan keeps on sending and receiving calls from?

Novick should get all up in Logan’s grill and threaten Logan like Bauer did Walt. Every since day 1, (well… day 4) no one has liked Logan, I predict he is GONE.

I bet that Novick gave Martha sugar pills, just to make her mentally seem like she is fine. It would be ballsy, and I think they wouldn’t give her the pills.

Jack Bauer is a smart man, knowing that since the plane is turning, they know he’s on board. And it seems that he is about to get mercked in the plane. And how does Jack get out of this situation? He knows how to control a plane from outside the cockpit, 'cause lets face it, Jack is second to only God.

Miles, the new guy working for homeland, is being nominated for the biggest douche in the world.

Logan is looking like he’s packing on the pounds, and his neck still looks absurd. He bothers me like no other character on the show, and I hope he gets what’s coming to him.

Jack absolutely owned the co-pilot, in a classic Jack Bauer style:





President Logan will not shoot down the plane, if he does, everyone around him will distrust him.

…But Jack has already survived a plane crash! When he was with Nina on a flight in season 3, their plane crashed and Nina and him survived, what are the odds!?!

Jack cannot die, and if the plane does get shot, the back of the plane will get fucked, while the cockpit flies off and hits an acre of pillows, it’s just how God has it.

BTW, look at this douchey picture I found of my brother…

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