Zubino on 24: President Novick?!

By The Great Zubino
Realests Correspondent

I said it before and I will say it again: “Previously on 24” is too long. They need to cut that out - they were showing scenes from the 4/27 show!

If Audrey’s father pulls through, that will definitely be a let down for the show. His death was a key part in this season and he must be killed for his mistake. Once you fuck with Jack, you don’t come back.

Mike Novick needs to beat the hell out of Logan’s neck.

All of a sudden, Jack Bauer is sweating profusely. It’s a known fact that Jack doesn’t sweat for 20 hours slowly, he sweats for 15 minutes profusely until his pants are wet.

I guarantee the big shocker at the end of this episode will be who the man Logan is talking to, and who he works for. With 3 hours left in this season, they have to reveal it.

Does anyone in the series of the show ever sit down for a bite to eat? I mean Stouffer’s only takes me 2 ½ minutes to cook up.

What if Miles reports Karen to Logan for letting Chloe and Buchanon back into CTU? He might be the douche of the year.

Mike Novick for President! He’s been on the show since season 1 and everybody’s loved him. He did kick David Palmer out of office, but we’ll let that one slide.

No more of this mushy bullshit between Jack and Audrey, it has to end NOW. We know they’ll just go through more heartbreak and sorrow like Jack and the rest of his previous girlfriends.

I am extremely pissed that Miles stopped Logan from offing himself. It would have been extremely sad, but it would have made my night.

The preview for next week:

Aaron is back! I hope he spits right into Logan’s face. Everyone wants Jack to rip Henderson’s head off and makes him talk.

That’s all for know folks.

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