Zubino on 24: Expect The Flip

By The Great Zubino
Realests Correspondent

With only 2 weeks of 24 left, I feel like my importance of this blog will reduce dramatically after 5/22/06. After realizing this, I must say, it has been an honor working for you. (Jack Bauer speech end of season 4).

Good job by the producers of cutting down the “Previously on 24” act, it was getting as annoying as the Miles douche.

When Jack had to punch the security guard in the chest, I thought he would have done it a little more Bauer like, maybe a little punch and cutting of conscience would be nice? Also, Jack should have threatened Miles a little more, maybe cutting out the eyes or even just a simple knee-to-the-nuts, but not just choking. That was not Bauer-esque.

Who didn’t see that Bierko was going to escape, definitely the easiest call in 24 history. This was probably shown because he is planning something insane, something that will make us become something more 24 addicts… Or maybe as ½ the realests would say, maybe I’m just too into 24.

No one would like to see Martha OD, especially since what happened to our late hommie, ODB. Martha’s trick is smart, she probably gave the cell phone to the guy for Pierce, so she could call him, or somehow track it to find out where he his.

Aaron Pierce should have head butted Logan and been like “Bitch, that’s how I roll,” and rolled out of the retreat with Martha under his arm. He had a ballsy move by telling the President that he will bring him down, and by calling him by his first name. Realest of show goes to him… for now.

Knowing that the American government faces daily threats, does this mean this is a normal day in the life of CTU, the white house, and LA?.. No one sleep?!?! Does no one eat?!!? EVER?!

Good quote by Buchanon “What would David Palmer want you to do if he were here. Honor his memory, Jack.” That touched everyone.

Btw, Jack’s hoodie is so kick ass, I really want one of my own. (props to Ana for pointing this out.)

Henderson brings up a really good point. Jack always backs up his “word” he has given his trust to everyone he knows, except that one German agent, who he fucked over by setting the Agent list for self destruction.

Audrey’s been looking oddly skinny, maybe it’s due to the massive blood loss, or maybe she’s following in the steps of Kate Moss. (SNIFFFFFFFFF)

Way to go for Martha owning that one guy in the SS. But it would have been so much better if she wasn’t an emotional wreck afterwards… that bitch is crazy.

Of course everyone in 24 has to drive a Ford built car, preferably an explorer. Which is kind of cheesy, because in the sentinel, everyone drove Cadillac 300 Dubs.

This guy that Henderson has to talk to, might have the nicest crib ever. It’s hidden inside a warehouse for heaven’s sake, and he has an own metal detection that detects any wires, or weapons on a person, which is insane.

I don’t now about Henderson still, he seems ridiculously sketchy and I don’t know if he can be trusted. He let his own wife get shot even… which is pretty real.

The idea of the Nerve Gas going off in the Russian ship is pretty real. Considering the treaty that went through, if Russia thought that US attacked its own ship, it would bring WWIII.

This show was obviously one of the filler episodes that will lead to one of the greatest finales we have ever seen, or I hope… Jack has been acting a lot less powerful lately, almost as if he is losing his Mojo for pounding terrorists into the ground. I hope they don’t end this season like the others…

Season 3- Jack crying and snarling like a little bitch in a car…

Season 4- Jack going off into the Sunset…

Season 5- ?!?!?!

All I know, is that were in for a wild one folks.

-The Great Zubino

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