Rudy T. Bandwagon Picking Up Steam....

As reported last week, Pistons assistant Sidney Lowe is the new N.C. State coach. What you DIDN'T KNOW is that Lowe never graduated, and is currently taking courses at a "very credible university" (his words, not ours) to get his degree.

Sound familiar? This is the same situation Michigan faces with Rudy T. They can't hire the man without a degree, but as Lowe has shown, that shouldn't be a problem. Lowe is finishing his degree in almost a month! Certainly a "Michigan Man" like Rudy T. could finish before the next school year started.

For those who don't think he would be interested - do you know what Rudy is up to these days? He is a scout for the Lakers, meaning he travels all over the country to watch L.A.'s upcoming opponents.

I think returning to his alma mater and becoming a savior of the men's basketball team MIGHT appeal to this guy.

I can already hear the "Rudy" chants ever so softly.....

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