Is BadJocks.Com a Terrorist Organization?

Badjocks.com is the equivalent of The Smoking Gun for athletes. This is the place you turn to find out about "Ron Mexico", the 7th Floor Crew, etc. etc. Well, the site certainly made a splash yesterday by releasing photos of the Northwestern women's soccer team, which basically makes them all look like a bunch of lesbos...

Apparently unsatisfied with getting the team suspended by Northwestern, Bad Jocks has now posted this on their site:

"Coming Wednesday: The Dirty Dozen - Twelve more colleges will have initiation pictures posted right here tomorrow. We can't reveal their names (what fun would that be?) but among them is a set showing a lacrosse team with a stripper. Not THAT lacrosse team, but these pics will make a sailor blush. Put your bets down now if you think your school will make the Final Twelve!"

Why can I hear Vladimir Bierko reading this? Does the NCAA have an equivalent of Jack Bauer? Will Myles Brand handle this crisis like President Palmer or President Logan??????

And Myles just pooped his pants...

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