Kanye v. 50 Cent is shaping up to be a monster day for the record industry. Both rappers are planning on releasing their albums on September 11th and letting the chips fall where they may. There's been a lot of trash talk already between both sides - 50 said that Jay-Z wouldn't be stupid enough to let Kanye's sales get merked by 50 and Kanye said that he ain't never scurred.

In an effort to make this whole thing a little more absurd, 50 Cent has accepted an invitation to debate Kanye on BET.

We're not sure exactly what the debate is going to be about. If it is about who is going to sell more albums, this could be the most boring debate in history. Let's just say that great orators like Lincoln, Douglass, Kennedy, and King shouldn't be worried that one of these two idiots will steal their shine.

Either way, we're in favor of suspending the 1st Amendment on the day of the debate so that it can't occur.

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