Seriously, we know we use this line to much. But when we find out Jason Wahler from "Laguna Beach" and "The Hills" is getting married, all we can think to ourselves is: "WHERE COULD HE FIND SOMEONE SO.... BEEFHEADED?!?!?!"

Apparently, you can them on the USC tennis team because Wahler is engaged to sophomore Trojan tennis player, Katja Decker-Sadowski. From People:

Wahler, 20, popped the question to Decker-Sadowski, 19, during a housewarming party at their shared Los Angeles home, with friends—including former flame Lauren Conrad—looking on.

Wait, they are already living together? What the hell is wrong with parents in L.A.???

Let's see here - according to this, she just turned 19-years old. And we still can't tell if she's hot, or just blond. This photo just confuses us more.

Her family must be ecstatic she's about to get married to someone fresh out of rehab and with FOUR drinking-related arrests in the last year (seriously, that's a Willie Williams pace right there).

And that whole Talan-Kimberly Stewart engagement didn't work out too well.

Wait, are we jealous?

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amish said...

Will you guys quit talking about Laguna Beach and The Hills? Such a buzzkill.