Note to Miami President Donna Shalala: Don't let Randy Shannon speak to the press.

With the Hurricanes' move to Dolphins Stadium becoming national news, another curious decision in Coral Gables has gone completely unnoticed. From the Miami Herald:

Redshirt freshman wide receiver George Robinson has left the Hurricanes.

Coach Randy Shannon said Robinson left the team to pursue another career opportunity.

Another career opportunity? Oh, you mean dealing crack...

Seriously, what legitimate career opportunity does a teenage college dropout come across in Miami?

Come on, coach - is this the best you can come up with? Let's hope Coach Shannon gets his shit squared away before the first player from "The U" gets arrested under his watch, which should be any day now.

And yes, this is now a blog dedicated to the University of Miami.

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rishi sharma said...

as someone who went to michigan and stilled maintained that miami was my favorite team, i like the direction this blog is going in.