It's time for our annual Drew Henson update!

Thanks to the Freep, we got an inside look at Vikings training camp today, where Henson is battling against Coastal Carolina rookie Tyler Thigpen for a roster spot (In case you were wondering, the starting QB job is up for grabs between Tarvaris Jackson and Brooks Bollinger, who couldn't hold Henson's jock strap in college).

The lead - describing Henson in a recent practice - is a little painful to read:

"The first spiral wobbled through the hot, thick air, slightly off its axis. The second ball wasn't even a spiral. It hurtled on a wayward arc like a sack of potatoes, or a tossed goat, spinning end over end, before it bounced awkwardly on the grass beyond the sidelines, at least 15 yards from the closest receiver."

It's nice to see Drew is still in good spirits during what must seem like a never-ending nightmare for the former Wolverine/Yankee/Cowboy.

Keep your fingers crossed Henson can beat out this Thigpen character. Of course, after we mocked Henson's competition last year at this time, the guy turned out to be a Pro Bowler.

Just Drew's luck...

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