Shocking news out of the nation's capital today: The Redskins have signed former Eagles receiver Todd Pinkston (Len Pasquarelli rejoice!), best known for his infamous act of cowardice in 2005 (see below). As many times as people write Pinkston was ducking Sean Taylor, he was actually spooked by Ryan Clark - which is even more pathetic.

Considering this guy played opposite T.O. in Philly, it's pretty hard to believe he hasn't appeared in an NFL game since Super Bowl XXXIX. Yikes!

As for the Redskins, this move doesn't make a lot of sense. Yeah, Brandon Lloyd "Banks" is an extremely weak No. 2 receiver, but surely Pinkston isn't the answer.

To be quite honest, we wonder if defensive coordinator Gregg Williams was behind this move and just plans on using Pinkston as a rag doll for Sean "The Don" Taylor for the rest of training camp.

Let's hope Pinkston has insurance...


Anonymous said...

pinkston's effort was bad but ol' joey no-knee took the cake:

"that was alligator body"

stattic6 said...

one of the related videos, from the same game, shows pinkston catching an 87 yard deep ball.

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