After claiming he worshiped the "late profit" Mohammed Atta following Sept. 11, I thought a rapper as dumb as Juelz Santana only came along once in a lifetime.

That is until G-Unit's latest masterpiece "We On Some Shit" - where Tony Yayo drops this bomb:

"I’ll put the tek to you n***as; Virginia Tech you n***as."

I mean, seriously. Imagine if Yayo was an athlete. This would be the Michael Vick dogfighting story times 10. This would be on the level of the "Jerome Bettis is from Detroit" story on Super Bowl week. Instead, this goes completely unnoticed except for a couple hip-hop blogs putting him on blast.


Hey Yayo: What's next, beating up 14-year old kids? Oh wait...

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Oops Pow Surprise said...

no way in hell yayo is nearly as good at halo.