If you haven't already heard, former Mets first baseman and current SNY announcer Keith Hernandez was named the "Top Sports Mustache of All Time" by the American Mustache Institute (or "AMI", as the cool kids are calling it).

The results were as follows:

1. Keith Hernandez - 31.7%
2. Rollie Fingers - 23.9%
3. Al Hrabosky - 12.3%
4. Lanny McDonald - 10.2%
5. Dale Earnhardt - 6.8%
6. Hulk Hogan - 6.1%

Personally, we think Fingers got screwed simply because Hernandez is basically a parody of himself now. And poor Lanny McDonald - the guy basically has a harmonica over his mouth and still ends up in fourth place.

We also would like to add some serious omissions with a list of The Realests' Honorable Mention:

Jake Plummer - Now retired, pondering a future in the porno industry.
Gary McCord - Just the flat-out dirt bag look. Always in style.
Jeff Hostetler - Who can forget about The Hoss?
Bill Cowher - Better known for The Chin, but the stache ain't too shabby.
Ozzie Smith - Straight old school.
Vikings logo - When was the last time you saw a fu manchu like that?
Bob Wickman - Hey B Dubb, is that a vagina on your face?
Randy Johnson - Don't hate him cuz he's beautiful, people...

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the mayor said...

keith hernandez is the modern day jesus!

if you don't think so, you should check yourself for extra chromosomes.


- the mayor