We're not gonna dooooo what you think we're gonna dooooo and just name Miss South Carolina - Lauren Caitlin - the Realest of the Week. However we will stop to acknowledge the fact this girl is representing the same state Ken Wall grew up in, which explains a lot. In case you didn't know, he's still embarrassed about getting held back in 1st grade for trouble with the English language.

Or possibly the giant inflatable Atlanta Falcon who merked Pop Warner football players at halftime of this week's Monday Night Football game (all credit to The Dude on that one).

But the ROW is reserved for a young lady even more special than Miss South Carolina, known to as simply as "Ashley." As you can see from this footage during a Toronto Argonauts game a couple weeks back, Ashley might also have rocks for brains, but she's also got a lot of heart.

I think it's safe to say Ashley won't be playing "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" at her birthday party anytime soon.

By the way, Canadians are slowly creeping up on the Japanese as the craziest bastards alive.

Note: Make sure you check out the reverse angle slow-motion replay. Brilliant!

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Anonymous said...

Miss Teen South Carolina is going to Appalachian State. True story.