Yes, we are quoting Zoolander again. But we have good reason. Brian at MGoBlog dug up this picture of Illinois linebacker J "Don't call me Jay" Leman. What do you expect from a kid with a dad named "Happy"?

You wanna talk about business in the front, party in the back! That right there is on the level of Randy Johnson, Barry Melrose and John Kruk in their prime.

OSU fans must be kicking themselves for letting him get away to a Big 10 foe.


Anonymous said...

You are all over this guy for his mullet but you two look like jamie kennedy's step brother from that aweful movie about the white rapper. Who gave you the headband and sideways hat?

Anonymous said...

So...tell me, how does it feel being a virgin in your mid 20's LOL

Anonymous said...

Winners build people up; losers tear people down. Congratulations you two, you're on the fast track to being two of Us Weekly's finest Reporters. Welcome to Hollywood. And how convenient that all comments must be authorized by the "blog author"; I guess we can expect some censorship from such high class sources of journalism.