I had the privilege to take in a Philadelphia Phillies game at Citizens Bank Park last night. After spending just 3 hours with them, Phillie fans will always have special place in my heart.

Despite throwing just 84 pitches, Charlie "Mumbles" Manuel decides to take Kyle Lohse out in the 6th inning with Philly up, 2-1. Like everyone else in the stadium, we just waited for the decision to blow up in Manuel's face.

As soon as Flash Gordon gave up a solo shot to Milton Bradley, boos were raining down from the stands and people were calling for Manuel's head (prodded along by us, of course).

I'm especially proud of stirring up the fans with this gem: "HOW ON EARTH DID WE END UP WITH A MANAGER SO BEEFHEADED?!?!??!"

I haven't seen a fan-base turn on its team that fast since the St. Louis Rams "faithful" mercilessly booed their own team during the 2004 NFC Divisional Playoffs against Carolina.

We thought it couldn't get any better. That is, until Brett Myers ran out of the bullpen in the ninth inning to P.O.D.'s "Light's Out".

"Hey, isn't that the guy who beat his wife?" asked a friend.

Before we had a chance to answer, Kevin Kouzmanoff was in the middle of crushing one out of the park. The last 15 minutes were spent mercilessly booing Myers and Manuel, while commenting on how - at that very moment - Mrs. Myers was hurrying to get the kids in the car for an "emergency trip to Grandma's" on the Jersey shore.

As if the night wasn't complete, we wake up to find this exchange between Myers and Philly Inquirer reporter Sam Carchidi (pretty ballsy to ask a known rageaholic to spell retarded for you). If you get a chance, please e-mail Sam for a job well done.

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meyers "never much cared for book learnin" if i had to guess. just another dumb jock.