With the debut of The Hills: Season 3 last night on MTV and Spencer's proposal to Heidi, we thought it'd be a perfect time to dig up a great article on our road dogs Spencer & Brody.

This piece ran a long time ago in Details and got major pub, but there still a lot of people I run into that aren't familiar with it. What's supposed to be a feature on Jenner turns into Pratt looking like a shit bag. There are too many notable quotes to put them all in here, so we'll just leave you with one:

“This whole scene, this whole town—it’s all so fake. It’s like a movie set, like my life is a movie set. These people, they all think this is real, but it’s not. I wanna meet a girl who has nothing to do with L.A., a nice, normal, real girl. Actually, you know, that’s gonna be a component of our new MTV show—me leaving L.A. to meet a normal girl. It might be hard, though, with all the cameras.”

Process that shit, bro.

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