It's a sad day for college football fans everywhere, as the Miami Herald is reporting the University of Miami will vote on Tuesday to move from the Orange Bowl to Dolphins Stadium. With no further use, it's only a matter of time until the dump is demolished.

Affectionately known as The O.B., we'd like to bid fairwell to this cesspool by counting down the 10 Greatest Moments in O.B. History:

10. Scott Bentley's National Title FG: Considering FSU's history, this might have been the most clutch kick in college football - ever. The win gave Bobby Bowden his first national championship, which also makes this the worst moment in O.B. history.

9. "Wide Left":
Yeah, it was a great game. But the media beat us over the head with, "Get it? They always miss wide right? But this time it was wide left!" Yeah, we got it.

8. Jackie "Stonehaven" Smith:
Like #10, also a candidate for the worst moment in Orange Bowl history. Well it was certainly memorable. With a chance to tie Super Bowl XIII with under two minutes left, Smith had the biggest drop in NFL history. The result? This.

7. Lynn's Swann-Like Catch: Can you name one Super Bowl clip before this involving a pass? We didn't think so.

6. "Wide Right III":
The game that put Miami back on the map. Have we mentioned how much we hate Florida State?

5. Kellen Winslow Sr. Carried Off The Field: Considered one of the greatest games in NFL history, Winslow was so dehydrated he had to be carried off the field after "The Epic in Miami." Some people still accuse him of grandstanding. If that's the case, Winslow sold us.

Kellen Winslow Jr.'s "I'm a F*ckin' Solider!" Speech: To this day, we have no idea what the hell K2 was talking about. Who cares? Not only did he make an ass of himself, this is when the phrase "The U" really caught on. This clip doesn't even include Winslow saying to the media, "Go make your money off that" and a reporter responding, "Oh, we will." Truly a classic.

3. Joe Namath Running Off Field At Super Bowl III:
One of the most famous images in NFL history, yet nowhere to be found on Google Images. We never liked you Steve Sabol.

2. Lamar Thomas: "You Don't Come In The O.B. Playin' That Stuff!":
Like K2, this is the incoherent rambling of a mad man - and we love it. Poor Lamar was the scapegoat for this fiasco while Brandon Meriweather got suspended one game for stomping on FIU players.

1. Flutie's Hail Mary: Ah, Flutie to Phalen. We have nothing to add to this:


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I always thought Winslow was auditioning for Playmakers in that clip. So where are they gonna celebrate Castro's death?

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