If you didn't get a chance to see Rick Ankiel's homer last night in his triumphant return to the majors, do yourself a favor and check out this clip:

When Ankiel announced he was making a comeback as an outfielder in the spring of 2005, people either shook their heads in shame for the kid or laughed their asses off (count us in the latter department). Most recently, we gave Ankiel a #4 seed in our "Who's Not" tournament to determine the exact opposite of the total sports star.

But we gotta say: Making in to the big leagues as a pitcher, going all the way back to Single A ball and then returning as an outfielder? That's impressive.

Tony LaRussa said it was the happiest moment he's had as Cards manager aside from winning the World Series and almost broke down in tears. Meanwhile, Ankiel's agent is probably waking up to calls from half of Hollywood for the movie rights. And finally, the man who's been dodging interviews for about seven years now, we even saw Rick Ankiel laugh - if only for a split second.

It's your world Rick. We're just a couple of squirrels trying to get a nut.

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