Didn't we just go through this with Braylon Edwards?

After getting suspended for the Eastern Michigan game, everyone in Ann Arbor is scratching their heads. I mean, we all knew Braylon used to be a punk-ass bitch, but Mario Manningham? He's the last guy we expected to turn douche on us. But when you look at the comparison, it's deja blue all over again (gotta love the shout out to the most overused headline in Daily history).

Take a look:

Freshman Year: 3 REC, 38 YDS
Sophomore Year: 67 REC, 1,035 YDS, 10 TD
Junior Year (first 4 games): 26 REC, 328 YDS, 3 TD
Turned Into: R. Kelly
Signs of Douchery:
- Not practicing hard
- Dropped balls
- Turning down interviews
- Urinating on minors
Lloyd: "We're not on the same page and Braylon's a good reader" (OH SNAP!)
Punishment: Sat out 1st half vs. Indiana
Turning Point: J. Brady McCollough puts Bray on blast
Result: 2004 Biletnikoff Winner, #3 Overall Pick in 2005 NFL Draft

Freshman Year: 27 REC, 433 YDS, 6 TD
Sophomore Year: 38 REC, 703 YDS, 9 TD (started just 9 games)
Junior Year (first 6 games): 29 REC, 402 YDS, 2 TD
Turned Into: Wario Manningham
Signs of Douchery:
- Not practicing hard
- Running out of bounds on every play
- Quitting vs. Oregon
Lloyd: "I don't think he's played as well as he can."
Punishment: Sat out Eastern Michigan game
Turning Point: TBD
Result: ???

Our question is this: If Manningham turns it around like Braylicious, will everyone start clinging to Lloyd's nuts again and babble on about what a father figure he's been to kids like Braylon, Chris Perry, Bennie Joppru and Marlin Jackson?

In that case, we'd rather Wario sticks around...

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