I'm not one to be an alarmist. But we're all in really big trouble right now. Our country has never been in greater jeopardy.

Jack Bauer is going to jail.

A judge decided that Keifer needed to spend some time in the slammer as punishment for a DUI. Now, we don't advocate drinking and driving on this blog, but we think that sending Jack Bauer to jail is the dumbest idea in history.

We're living on borrowed time, folks.

First, the odds that Bauer spends more than 5 minutes behind bars are slim to none. Hasn't this judge watched 24? Bauer lives for stuff like this - he's gonna break out before he even gets in there!

Second, this is just inviting harm to our country. Probably not the smartest idea to jail someone that's saved our country from absolute destruction 6 years in a row.

Third, Scalia is going to find someway to overturn this decision.

Fourth, maybe this is a flip mctwerk. Remember when Jack went undercover to start Season 3? Maybe he needs to get into the LA Jail system to infiltrate another bad guy crew.

Either way. Watch your back for now. The world just got a lot more dangerous.

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