Here at The Realests we like to follow current events. We don't just care about sports, rap music, and celebrity gossip. We're also major political pundits. We've been on Fox News and the BBC multiple times as analysts that provide the "youth" perspective on several current affairs topics.

Well, we've kept our silence about the upcoming Presidential election...until now!

We figured that we would start with the candidates that are unlikely to get a lot of major press coverage. Major media is going to flood you with info about Obama, Clinton, and Giuliani. So, we're gonna start out with Dennis Kucinich.

There's only one reason to vote for Dennis Kucinich. And here it is:

To recap. Look at the picture above. Look at him. Look at her. Now, she's not amazingly hot, but still - look at him, then look at her. Then add in the fact that she is 1) European and 2) has a tongue ring. Now add in the fact that she worked with Mother Teresa, has worked as an advocate for regional development in Tanzania, and has a Master's in International Conflict Analysis. If THAT guy can get her, then there is nothing that can stop him from fixing Social Security, getting everyone health care, bringing peace to the Middle East, solving urban/rural poverty, fixing the education system, and stopping global warming. Oh, and I bet he does all that while getting brain in the Oval Office.

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