I knew those horse tranquilizers were a bad idea last night.... Seriously, what the hell just happened here?

By the way, we LOVE Lou's explanation of the different sections of the newspaper. Tell us how you really feel, Big Lou.

What originally seemed like a really bad idea, Lou's Pep Talk is now the highlight of our Saturdays.

Maybe Les Miles has some competition after all for the Michigan job...


Melanie said...

But seriously, how did he do that paper thing?

Also am I the only person that comments here? sheesh.

Forest said...

I lived in South Carolina when the Gamecocks got Lou Holtz to be their coach. SC doesn't have any professional teams whatsoever, so Gamecock football (or Clemson football, if you were an invalid) was the closest thing you could get to real sports.

I remember everyone drove around town with big 'HalleLOUjah' bumper stickers. I suppose they were showing the big northerner that the good people of Columbia were willing to commit blasphemy for the sake of football.

I think that Lou didn't do anything but hurt his overall win record by coaching the Gamecocks, and somehow this never surprised me. I don't know how anyone alive can understand what the hell he's trying to say.

He reminds me of Chris Kattan as Mr. Forrester on that SNL skit.