Don't get us wrong: Glen Mason is not a good football coach (no matter what this guy thinks).

He is an average football coach at best that can't hold a lead to save his life. And the guy was a master of padding his early schedule to generate BS 10-win seasons. But he's a great recruiter that churned out NFL running backs (Laurence Maroney, Marion Barber III) and offensive linemen (Greg Eslinger, Mark Setterstrom).

In other words, he was a poor man's John Cooper with a fake bake.

So it's pretty ironic that the Gophers fired Mason after blowing a 31-point second half lead to Texas Tech in last year's Insight Bowl (a bowl record), only to blow a 21-point lead with 17:00 left to Northwestern on Saturday.

Mason didn't exactly leave the cupboard full upon his departure, but the Gophers are now 1-5 with loses to Bowling Green and FAU.

So what exactly was the thinking again when AD Joel Maturi fired Mason? That Minnesota needed a new coach to take them to the "next level"? Geniuses like Ron Zook come around only once in a lifetime!

Hey Gopher fans, look at the bright side: in a couple years, you'll watch your team get rocked while freezing your ass off as well.

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Wanna said...

Don't forget that the man we hired to turn our program around was the Tight Ends coach for the Broncos. That doesn't help.