Some people might say that in order to be a Michigan Man, you need to have some affiliation with the University of Michigan. Wrong. The Realests flip conventions on their heads.

We've decided that Joe Paterno is a true Michigan Man. That's right. The head coach of one of our main rivals is truly a Michigan Man, in the mold of Bo.

What brought this on? Well, there's tons of reasons. He left a game in the middle to go use the bathroom. He was a dancing fool at a Penn State pep rally. He has gangster glasses. He sounds funny when he talks.

But most importantly, he doesn't want a bullshit forfeit just in order to get a win. While the Big 10 is trying to strip Michigan of its win against Penn State because we cleared an ineligible player to play, Joe Pa said "fuck that shit."

It's nice to see a coach not be a cooter (we're looking right at you Urban Meyer - we'll never forgive you for your bitching last year - and for your weak time out during the Auburn game).

So congratulations Joe Pa. You're a Michigan Man.

Editors' Note: While we applaud Joe Pa for his hardline stance, we'd rip Lloyd for doing the same thing because we need all the wins we can get. Go Blue! Champions of the West!

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