Try to figure this one out.

We like Football. We like Night. We like things that are In America.

But put them all together - and we hate it.

Now, there are a lot of reasons to hate NBC, but we think we found #1 on the list. I'm so angry right now that I'm having trouble finding a place to start. The problematic part of this whole thing is that I'm actually starting to enjoy watching NFL games - I used to think that they were pretty boring (I'm an NBA guy), but I've turned the page on that. Now I'm thinking about turning that page back and closing the book forever.

Now, we know that NBC was hyped to get the NFL and they dumped a ton of money into this production, but that studio is unbearable. I hate it - it's just too much. It's so excessive with it's multiple desks, tickers, glass walls and idiot plasma screens.

Even worse is the fact that there are 6 people on the show. 6 people! Costas, Olbermann, King, Collinsworth, Bettis, and Barber. It's a nightmare especially because their 6 man crew provides less insight than Boomer and TJ did on NFL Primetime. Oh, and on that note, we'll never forgive NBC for forcing Primetime off the air.

I hate their stupid banter. I hate the fact that Barber and Bettis add absolutely no analysis and just sit their with stupid grins on their faces saying nothing of any import. I hate the fact that Olbermann feels the need to be zany and Costas feels the need to fake laugh at the zaniness. I hate the TKO Report and the Worst Person in the NFL segment. I hate the way Peter King points when he talks. I hate how you can see Costas, Olbermann, and King through the glass wall behind CC, Bettis, and Barber. I hate that it's called Football Night In America. WHAT A STUPID NAME! Maybe we change the name of the Today Show to "A Morning Television Program Where Hosts Engage In Witty Banter, Present Human Interest Stories, and Interview People." Is there that much of a lack of creativity??? Hate. Hate. Hate.

Watching this show is like watching 6 douchebags talk about football in a really nice living room. No, actually, that is exactly what it is.

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Anonymous said...

Great post.

That show is unwatchable. They've assembled the most unlikeable cast of characters ever. And on top of that, they show about half the amount of highlights as Primetime did.

It takes a lot of work to make a show of football highlights unwatchable. Good work NBC.