You have no idea how pumped we are for tomorrow night. As NBA super fans, we seriously doubt anyone appreciates 5 hard-fought minutes of basketball a night more than The Realests.

Forget what the so-called experts have predicted about this upcoming NBA season - it's time for we break down the 2007-08 season like woah:


Eastern Conference Playoff Seeds:

1) Boston Celtics
I hate Boston, but KG is gonna tear through the East

2) Chicago Bulls
After thumping Heat in playoffs, time to take next step

3) Washington Wizards

Can't have the playoffs without some hibachi

4) Detroit Pistons

The Pistons will just keep slipping a little bit until they decide to blow this thing up

5) Cleveland Cavaliers

No Pavlovic, no Varejao and Hughes will miss half the season with a boo-boo on his finger again

6) New Jersey Nets

The Michigan football of the league - middle of the pack, same as always

) Miami Heat
Will make the playoffs solely on Dwyane Wade's greatness

8) Orlando Magic

Dwight Howard is about to take over the title of Best Big in the league

Eastern Conference Finals:
Chicago Bulls over Boston Celtics

Western Conference Playoff Seeds:

1) Dallas Mavericks

Great at winning when it doesn't count... Eddie Jones should put the Mavs over the top this year - yeah right

2) Phoenix Suns:

... So should Grant Hill (note dripping sarcasm)

3) Utah Jazz
Is the Northwest Division (DEN, MIN, POR, SEA, UTAH) the new Atlantic Division?

4) San Antonio Spurs

Wake this team up in June, but Bowen can't wait to kick Wally in the face

5) Houston Rockets

Yaosers, it's time to play more than 50 games in a season!

6) Golden State Warriors

If they deal for Artest, immediately move to #2

7) Denver Nuggets

Too many headcases - I forsee a massive implosion and a huge feud between AI and George Karl

8) L.A. Lakers

Wonder if Zen Master knows how to say "early exit" in Mandarin by now...

Western Conference Finals: San Antonio Spurs over Dallas Mavericks

NBA Finals: San Antonio Spurs over Chicago Bulls

MVP: The King!
Everyone else on this team should be in the D League

Coach of the Year: Reggie Theus
We've all seen what he can do...

Breakout Player: Julie Conner
A more athletic J.J. Redick, she's going to spread zone defenses with that 3-ball

Most Overrated Player: Allen Iverson (Runner-up: Paul Pierce)
Notice how the 76ers got better w/o him?

Rookie of the Year After Durant: Acie Law IV (Runner-up: Courtney Sims)
Law & Joe Johnson are a solid start for our 2015 purchase of the Hawks (Sims is signed!)

Biggest Rookie Bust: Brandan Wright
Unless he learns how to fly with those ears... then all bets are off

Knicks Record: 40-42
Isiah will never coach a winning team - never!!!!!!!!

T'Wolves Record: 17-65
Will squeak by worst record ever (9-73) after playoff seeds are locked in

Kobe's Destination: L.A. Lakers


Eastern Conference Playoff Seeds:

1) Chicago Bulls
Baby Bulls are all growns up

2) Boston Celtics

Big 3 is all it takes to get the 2 seed in the East

3) Washington Wizards

Agent Zero back with a vengeance this year

4) Detroit Pistons

Shades of 2004... Be afraid, be very afraid

5) Cleveland Cavaliers

Biggest let down of the season

6) Miami Heat

Ricky D works his magic

7) New Jersey Nets
Loss of Mikki Moore will take a while to heal

8) Orlando Magic

A max contract on Rashard still gives you an 8 seed

Eastern Conference Finals: Detroit Pistons over Boston Celtics

Western Conference Playoff Seeds: (with accompanying rhyme time)

1) Phoenix Suns

1st seed - Nash's nose bleed

2) Dallas Mavericks

Mental headcases; hide the shoelaces

3) Utah Jazz

Deron; not quite LeBron

4) San Antonio Spurs

Popovich? What a bitch!

5) Houston Rockets

Rick Adelman? I'm no fan!

6) Golden State Warriors

Hello fellas, this is Monta Ellis...

7) Denver Nuggets

The altitude is high, good for AI

8) L.A. Lakers

Bynum time-um

Western Conference Finals: San Antonio Spurs over Dallas Mavericks

NBA Finals: Detroit Pistons over San Antonio Spurs

MVP: LeBron James
He's a jerk, but very good at basketball; he might be on the juice

Coach of the Year: Doc Rivers
He's a doctor in coachology!

Breakout Player: Jason Maxiell
Time to shine with playing time!

Most Overrated Player: Luis Scola
Heard waaaaaaaay too much about him already

Rookie of the Year After Durant: Kevin Durant
He's that good

Biggest Rookie Bust: Greg Oden
0 games played

Knicks Record: 25-57
What a disaster

T'Wolves Record: 1-81

Kobe's Destination: Miami Heat


breatnyS said...

Good defense by the Charlotte Bobcats drama boys, if only we could patch up the difference, this will be a Charlotte good season. They are running, switching in defense, rebounding see those efforts. We don't have yet the Bobcats team down.

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I like slam dunks that take me to the hoop my favorite play is the ally-hoop,
I like the pic n roll,i like the given goal its basketball yo, yo lets go!
Go Bobcats Go!!!

Vino said...

wow you do not know anything bout basketball bulls bein number one wow they arnt even in the playoffs and Allen Iverson most overrated player in the league wow rookie of the year mvp eastern conference champion all-star mvp twice and you didnt put the celtics number one wow who are you you have no knowledge bout basketball so just shutup

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