Update: Apparently, the No Fun League has pulled the clip. Sorry folks.

For anyone that saw yesterday's Vikings-Cowboys game, this can't be a surprise, people.

We hadn't seen anything this real since Ricky Davis blew a dunk, only to get the ball back and do a windmill with the Celtics a couple years back.

That is until yesterday.

In case you missed it: the Vikings' Ben Leber scooped up a fumble, lateraled the it to teammate Cedric Griffin in a very pirate-like fashion. Griffin then... well, that's what YouTube is for:

The point: Anyone that breaks out a Deion Sanders dance into the end zone 2 seconds after making a complete ass of himself is OK in our book (gotta love the random reggaetone in the clip).

Oh yeah, this doesn't hurt either.

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3000 said...

Fuck a NFL for pulling clips.