We don't ask much of our readers.

Just stroke our enormous ego every once in awhile, click on our Google Ads (uh, can we say that???) and keep us filled in on people making asses of themselves. Well where were you on this one, dipshit?

Apparently 3 years after it was made, we have finally come across the infamous Leeroy Jenkins video. We've played it over and over about as many times as me cracking my head open on the futon:

(Note: Just go to 1:25 if you don't know what is going on. Also, we feel like we recognize one of these voices. The Dude, is that you?)

The lead nerd doesn't get nearly enough credit for his role. "What do you think, Abdul? Can you give me a number-crunch real quick?" And who will ever forget, "Why do you do this shit, Leeroy?!"

(Update: Remix! For those that have gotten their fill of Leeroy, this video should take up another 3 hours of your life)

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amish said...

Hahahaha, haven't seen this in a while (you guys ARE way behind on this), but it still cracks me up everytime.