HARBAUGH FOR HIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We take back all the bad things we've ever said about Jim Harbaugh (here, here, here and here).

After beating USC with a bunch of losers, all has been forgiven!

We just hope Harbaugh doesn't dig an even bigger hole for himself now that his head's about to explode. Seriously, there's no telling how much he might run his mouth now.

There's a rumor that Harbaugh just called Pete Carroll "my bitch" in the post-game press conference.

You think the Appalachian State loss was bad? Marinate on this for a second as we prepare for another week of mind-numbing debate about the greatest upset in college football history:

- Stanford went 1-11 last year and got hammered by Arizona State last week, 41-3

- USC was favored by 41 points (Michigan was only favored by 27 over App. State and that infamous Oregon State team that beat Washington in 1985 was a 38-point underdog)

- Since losing to Stanford in his first Pac-10 game (oddly enough, their last home loss), USC had outscored the Cardinal 217-87 during its 5-game winning streak over Stanford

- Stanford's starting quarterback T.C. Ostrander didn't play due to a seizure and was replaced by this doofus

When you think about it, what Harbaugh said about Michigan wasn't that bad. He just questioned our integrity and everything we stand for.

We love you Captain Comeback!

P.S. How sad is it that just over a month ago, we all thought there was no way we could lose to Ohio State again this year. If the game was played next Saturday, we'd be 10-point underdogs to a team that lost its entire offense from 2006. Sheesh.

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