With Minnesota on the docket this weekend, The Realests are starting to get hyped about college basketball season, aside the fact Michigan might not even make the NIT this year (heaven forbid!) By the way, Bill Martin doesn't get nearly enough shit for hiring a coach straight off winning an NIT title - Beilen's a great coach, but come on, that's funny.

We gotta admit, a big piece of us is going to miss Tommy Amaker (gotta love this picture: Put that bozack away T.A.!)

Anyway, we decided we'd drop some knowledge on you fools with the most eye-opening trivia since our Super Bowl QBs/Presidents brainbuster.

Q: Which is the only BCS school NEVER to qualify for the NCAA Tournament?


Q: What is the furthest a Patriot League team has even gone in the Big Dance?


#1: USF is a great guess since they just joined the Big East and haven't had a program very long - but it's incorrect (they've gone twice by the way).

#2: Bucknell is not correct either - granted, this is kind of a trick question...

#3: Michigan is not the answer. Guys, we are way too stupid to think of that kind of flip.

#4: Winning the Fiesta Bowl didn't make Boise a BCS school. BCS Conferences are the ACC, Big 12, Big East, Big 10, Pac-10 and SEC. This team is in one of those conferences.


Anonymous said...

south florida

Anonymous said...

2nd round - bucknell - twice.

is USF correct?

R said...

q. Michigan(there was no BCS when michigan last made it in 99)

Scott said...

Does Boise State count as a "BCS" school, or does it have to be in a BCS conference?

mr marbury said...


TacoBellManager said...

Northwestern. Don't you guys have wikipedia?


TacoBellManager said...

Also, Bob Cousy's Holy Cross squad won it all in '47.