Ok, fine. We'll grant you that the Celtics pulled off the coup of the summer by getting Kevin Garnett. But we're not completely on board with the idea of them winning the Eastern Conference yet. I mean, name a decent player that is ready to contribute right now on their team besides Garnett, Paul "Stabbed 9 Times, Got Up 10" Pierce, and Ray Allen. That's right...no one.

Anyway, the Celtics do have a certain Glen "Big Baby" Davis on their team. We've been a huge fan of him ever since he rocked the pink boa when LSU was twerking fools in the tourney a few years back.

But his recent blog entry shows that neither he nor the Celtics are serious about him getting in shape for the following season.

Apparently, the players forced him to a eat a full plate of octopus when in Rome. Now, I'm not a genius or a nutritionist, but I'd guess that forcing a big fella that already weighs 289 (yeah, right) to do this isn't a good idea. You shouldn't force him to eat anything!

Also, that's some pretty weak hazing. We're Michigan alums and we expect at least kidney failure whenever someone gets hazed. Either that or a BB gun to the nuts.

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