Oh, you've got 3 cuts in your eyebrow tryin' to wild out?

Oh, you're blazed out shedding tattoo tears?

Your day is done and you need to step your game up. You thought that was tough? You thought people would respect you for that shit? You were wrong, dunny. There's a new day and Stephen Jackson will show you how to do this son.

Look closely.

That's right. It's two hands in prayer holding a Glock. Or a 9mm. Or a Desert Eagle.

Now, we're not sure if SJax did this in memory of licking shots outside of the strip club. Or if he just likes his priests to pack some heat.

Regardless, we do know what a move like this gets you. It gets you the captaincy of the Golden State Warriors!!!

Frankly, we're speechless. We're heading to the best plastic surgeon in NYC right now to remove the Thug Life tats from our chests and getting this shit inked on. Holla.

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