24: Realest Recap

The Great Zubino
The Realests Correspondent

Alright ladies and gents, I’m back from one of the filthiest place I’ve ever seen and I’m back on the 24 scene. (Watch out Beanie, I’m coming for your contract):

So what’s the deal with everyone having Razr-phones all of a sudden?!?! Half of the Realests definitely started this trend by getting one and they followed. We are revolutionary.

I think everyone is happy to see Buchanan back and not out on the street like a bum, but does anyone think that he and Chloe could start something?... I mean it’s a start…

Jack got rocked harder than Michigan in the NIT championship game this year. I mean Heller laid him out out, which no one would have expected, but Heller was real by not arresting him. But then he was unreal by tying up his own daughter and Jack. Real, unreal, real, unreal…I can’t keep track anymore.

Did anyone else think it was shady that Henderson was just wandering the streets in his car for the past hour (11:30- 12:30 roughly) figuring out where to go? I mean for god’s sake pick up some Cheesy Gordita crunches from Taco Bell, or even some Jack-in-the-box.

Mike Novick needs to team up with Aaron Pierce and absolutely double team Logan… not in that way, but beat his ass down… not in that way either but just kick him out of office. If Heller ends up resigning, Jack has nobody and Audrey is on the verge of dying. (Didn’t you love how Logan was given the cold shoulder on the hand shake… haha -douche)

The Mission Impossible type music kicks ass. Ten times better than the violin stuff they played in the first couple seasons.

Well, the highlight of the night goes to Jack Bauer (when has it not?) when he blows up the gas tank, killing all the bad guys. I mean, Jack was obviously playing too many James Bond video games when he was in hiding.

How about the last shot before the clock counting - pure insanity with 8 split screens:

I Feel Like I'm Taking Crazy Pills!

Preview for next week, I have to say only 2 things:

1. Martha being taken care of?!?!
2. As 1/2 of The Realests said… “My head just exploded”

So, many of you know I came back from India, and I was reppin’ The Realests over there:

International Hov, Been Havin' The Flow

Also, many of you might not know this, but the man who built the Taj was a fan of DMX, and made a shrine about him in the grass, check this shit out:

First There Was The Taj...

...And Then There Was X

I’m out like Scoop Jackson on Slam
-The Great Zubino


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The great Zubino returns and wrecks fools!

Natalie said...

Love the shirt Zubino