MTV Hits New Low....

After seeing a preview full of makeout scenes, I decided to give the Real World another chance. What a disaster. Somehow the debauchery scenes last for 5 minutes, and then it's 25 minutes of Paula. Obviously the girl has serious problems. Not only is Jonathan Murray exploiting her, he is ruining this franchise.

Where did he get the idea 25 minutes of depression was dramatic? He should be ashamed. Also, 8th & Ocean is off our list of programming. It's ridiculously fake. Not that Laguna Beach wasn't complete fabrication, but it made us want to believe it was true.

MTV needs to seriously re-evaluate itself.

Good things:
- The Miz
- Punk'd
- Vanessa Mannillo
- My Super Sweet 16
- The TRL franchise
- Brit
- People punching themselves in the face

Bad things:
- Paula
- Susie from TRL
- Executive Production of reality shows
- Devil Lady from 8th & Ocean
- Yo Momma *

* Late addition

The only hope left is the next season of "My Super Sweet 16" and the show where the guy was punching himself in the face repeatedly. Hopefully, they can't screw that up.....

House of Horrors

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Steiny17 said...

you forgot to add on the bad things on MTV list "yo Mamma"