New Jersey Nutsacks

As you know, The Realests are huge Detroit Pistons fans - so we really dislike the New Jersey Nets.

Things we already hate:
- Jason Kidd blowing kisses to his wife on the FT line (You smacked her in the face!!! Over a french fry!!!)
- Vince Carter's "Ride the Motorcyle" routine
- Richard Jefferson's "RJ" tattoo in bubble letters (to be fair, we just hate RJ all around)

And now they announce a winner for a rap song contest - it will be a team theme song. It's called "Going Hard" by some local schmuck, and is nothing more than licking the balls of the owner, Bruce Ratner.

Although Jay-Z made the announcement, let's hope he had no part in this decision.

Sample lyrics:

"We brought Kidd from the Suns, Vince from the Raptors
Elite in East, Since Erving was in the rafters
Check the skybox, BlackBerry active
Making transactions, It's Bruce Ratner!"

Click here for more, including a sound clip.

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