Why People Hate Steve Alford

We always hear about how people in Iowa City hate Steve Alford. Everyone knows he has a bad NCAA Tournament track record, but we found out the locals hate him for far bigger reasons...

1) Could Be Evil
Former player Pierre Pierce is serving a 2-year sentence for trying to rape a former girlfriend - he had already been convicted of a sexual assault charge.

Alford was heavily criticized for saying in the Des Moines Register, "I totally believe he is innocent. It's hard to imagine Pierre Pierce doing the things he's been accused of doing."

Then, the victim said that not only did Alford's Athletes in Action players approach and intimidate her, she believes Alford told them to do it.

2) Blames His Own Players
Check out this line from a 2005 column in the Iowa City Press-Citizen: "It would be easier to hear Alford deflect blame if we didn't have to hear him do it so often and at the expense of his players."

3) NCAA Tournament
1-3 Record in 7 seasons, and this year's loss to Northwestern St. certainly didn't help.



Anonymous said...

You could at least spell his name right. It's Alfraud!

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