Zubino on 24: Chloe & Buchanon Don't Mix

By The Great Zubino
Realests' Correspondent

So we know every dog has his day:

But I, The Great Zubino, have had his second day. My first was calling the death of Tony. Now, I called obliteration of James Heller. In a phone call between ½ of the Realests, I stated:

“How insane would it be if they killed Heller, I bet you they will”
1/2: “That would be cool, but won't happen, they killed off too many people”
“I'm right and you know it”

Onwards to the notes for this weeks 24.

Chloe + Buchanon = ugly babies…. Again, ugly thought... But who thought it was hilarious when Chloe addressed Buchanon as “sir”? Chloe is the loveable screw up of the show that always does stupid shit in real life. Without her, we would have no one to relate to.

Don’t you find it funny that all the terrorists (Henderson) have that evil ringtone? And the fact that Jack has every person in the universe on speed dial? That helps when you save the world 24/7, 5 days a century... so far that is.

Again the folks at Fox screwed up with the promo for this week. They showed Audrey pointing a gun at Henderson, so we knew that Jack would not merk him.

Who are the people in that board room that Logan keeps on calling? Could this situation be bigger than we think? Maybe he was in contact with the people that own massive oil fields, or maybe it is someone who has more power than him, or maybe… Forget it, you decide.

Martha’s speech before she agreed to keep shut touched me deeply, and made me realize it was one of the greatest speeches of all time:

3. MLK’s “I have a dream” speech

2. Bill Clinton’s “I did not have special relations with that woman” speech

1. Martha’s “You broke my heart speech”

So does no one ever go to bed in the White House? Or do they stay up late at night watching re-runs of “The Replacements” on HBO, and "Fear Factor" like I do?

So I saw The Sentinel this weekend, and I have to say there are some outstanding differences in it from 24 (warning, the following gives some parts of the story that don’t really matter, but if you’re a bitch about spoilers, you’ve been warned):

In The Sentinel, Jack's character actually has the balls to shoot someone in the back that is running away from him, and not to let him get away.

But in 24, Jack isn’t following through with his threats any more a.k.a. “I will blow your brains out if you don’t call the helicopter off.” Is Jack going soft on us ladies and gents? Say it ain’t so.

Way to end the show, by showing Jack boarding the plane… it makes me think about what’s happening next.

Preview for next week:

The creators have really found a good catch line with this one: “JACK HI-JACKS?!?!”. Definitley a new real level.

Oh, and this never gets old…


Logan in a crisis

Woodley in the Moonchair

- The Great Zubino

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Anonymous said...

Haha that was a decent summary and yes i have to agree the whole jack hijacking is so ironic but so kick ass... chloe + buchanen= thanks for that image jerk

other than that good shit and yes fox does keep fucking up the promos