Sean Taylor: The Next Albert Belle?

Now I can't stop blogging about the Redskins. I got to thinking about how Sean Taylor is a complete psycho and reminds me a lot of Albert Belle. Take a look at their credentials:

Albert "Joey" Belle

Off the field:
- After house was egged on Halloween, Belle got in his SUV and almost ran the kids down
On the field:
- Suspended for corked bat
- Clocked Chicago White Sox 2B Fernando Vina with a forearm to break up a DP
- Albert was an alcoholic that went by "Joey" before rehab - during a game, a fan yelled "Hey Joey, keg part at my house after the game, C'mon over!" Albert chucked a ball into the stands and nailed the guy in his chest
With others:
- Cussed out former NBC sports reporter Hannah Storm
Deep-meaning quote:
- "Even Jesus Christ got mad some times"

Sean "The Don" Taylor

Off the field:
- Arrested for DUI (the charges were eventually dropped)
- Arrested for pointing a gun at two guys that stole his ATVs, and allegedly punching one of them
- Fined for leaving Rookie symposium early
On the field:
- Spit in Michael Pittman's face
- Allegedly spit in T.J. Houshmandzadeh's face during the 2004 season
With others:
- Fired Drew Rosenhaus, hired new agent, signed contract, fired new agent, re-hired Rosenhaus
Deep-meaning quote:
- "Life is a learning process - everybody learns"

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