French-Fry Wiggle Sticks: Kidd's Kryptonite?

The Realests have always hated the Nets and can't stand how often Jason Kidd gets to the line.

Our idea: opponents making giant french-fry wiggle sticks to wave while Jason Kidd is on the foul line. As you all recall, Kidd has a very deep emotional tie to fries as evidenced by slapping his wife over one.

I think Kidd's would explode if he was trying to blow kisses to his wife with hundreds of giant french fries in his face.

The only potential problem is Kidd not realizing the wiggle sticks are french fries. But that's nothing a nice tan color, a giant auroma-filled frier behind the hoop and a giant salt shaker that descends from the rafters couldn't solve....



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Joey said...

Dwyane Wade now gets more calls than anyone. You can't even look at him in the 4th Quarter.