Obey My Blog!

If you guys didn't get a chance to see this, here is a comment left on my Washington, D.C. post:

"No one cares about your weekend"

This must be what Jay-Z felt like when he made "Heart of the City" or when 2Pac wrote "Hit 'Em Up". This requires an immediate clap back:

1) If you are going to diss me, the least you can do is leave your name:
I'm calling you out in front of all 10 people that read this blog - show yourself!

2) If you don't like a post, stop reading and move on with your life:
It's this simple: "You not feelin me? Fine, it cost you nothin - pay me no mind."

3) No one disrespects me on my own blog:
It would be one thing if I received an e-mail with suggestions. Instead, this guy has the nerve to put me on blast like this.

I think ex-Eagles head coach Ray Rhodes put it best after a 1996 loss: "I equate that to people coming into my house. It's very disappointing, and I'm very pissed off about the way we approached our house. It's like you walk up and catch people burglarizing your house, and they probably sodomized your wife and kids, and we didn't do anything about that."

OK, maybe that is a little over the top.

"There's always going to be haters." - Drew Henson


Anonymous said...

Why don't you stop letting people post comments anonymously?

Jamie Mottram said...

Damn! You went Hit 'Em Up on that anonymous MFer!

Nevermind that dude, and thank you for bring back 2Pac song -- best ever.