Finally, a Michigan Athlete with Balls...

You remember watching the softball World Series last year, thinking to yourself, "Michigan will find a way to fuck this up." That's when Samantha Findlay blasted a 3-run homer in extra-innings and won the national title.

J. Brady and I couldn't believe that for once, Michigan was clutch.

JBM has talked at length about how Michigan conditions its athletes to dumb them down. It's like we are so scared of thugs after the Fab Five, we won't let anyone act like Chris Webber or Charles Woodson ever again.

We need Sam Findlays on the football field and basketball court that are riding a thin line between extremely confident and flat-out cocky. An article excerpt I recently found from the Chicago Sun-Times:

Back when Samantha was a high school freshman she received recruiting letters from UCLA. It was her dream school. Then, the letters stopped. The last one started, Dear student-athlete,' without her name. It said she could walk on."Her goal from that day was to hit a home run against UCLA to win a national championship." Joe Findlay said. "She told her roommate, Michelle Weatherdon, the night before the championship."

The first step? Letting football players wear visors for a change! Remember, the last time someone wore a visor (Woodson, 1998 Rose Bowl), we won the national championship....

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