Realests' Take on LaVar

First of all, it really was that simple in D.C.: The coaches just hated Arrington's discipline.

Gibbs is extremely old school, and Williams is fire and brimstone. I bet as soon as they watched game film together after being hired, they knew LaVar's days were numbered.

People don't realize exactly how bad the situation was: ex-defensive coordinator Marvin Lewis called LaVar the most undisciplined player he'd coached in his life. For example: on multiple occassions, LaVar tried "the leap" with the Redskins, only to end up offsides. Of course, you didn't hear about it because it wasn't in a highlight.

And listen to this: a 2005 teammate told the Washington Post's Jason La Canfora that LaVar "cost us 3 games" in 2003. That's unfathomable for a guy that made the Pro Bowl that year.

As a Redskins fan that has followed Arrington's NFL career, I think it's pretty obvious how this 7-year, $50-million contract with the Giants is going to work out.

LaVar will completely rededicate himself this offseason and there will be constant comparisions between LV and LT.

Every year for 14 games, he will be a non-factor that continues to be plagued by injuries (the guy hits too hard for his own good).

Instead of watching game film all year, he will put the tape of Lawrence Taylor crushing Joe Theisman's leg like a twig on repeat.

And then twice a year, he will rip our heads off.

"Coach, what do you think about starting Antwaan against the Giants just to mix things up a little bit....?"

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Anonymous said...

the real question is, will he still appear in eastern motors commercials?

lavar is one of my favorite all-time redskins and i wish it would have worked out for him in DC. i can understand how he may have lost focus with the carousel that was the redskins coaching staff during his first few years with the team, but i really believed that gibbs and williams would get the most out of him. let's hope the giants don't figure out how to motivate him to play...