TNT's Ernie Johnson

TNT's halftime and postgame studio shows are something we really enjoy watching. Unlike most, they don't seem scripted (see: "Fox NFL Sunday Pre-game Show"). We noticed last night that the face of TNT studio host Ernie Johnson was extremely puffy and the network didn't use close-ups for him.

Assuming it was a temporary ailment or result of a minor surgery, we were in shock when we found out that it's actually cancer. Though we had never noticed before, it turns out EJ revealed the cancer in February because a swollen lymph node under his left ear became visible on TV (which we are assuming was the same problem he had last night).

Johnson was diagnosed with "follicular" Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma all the way back in August of 2003. He plans to work through the remainder of the NBA season before beginning treatment in June.

Hopefully Ernie will be able to make it through the playoffs and be right back in the studio next November....

Big Ern

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Thinking Fool said...

This is why the blogosphere is awesome. I noticed something "wrong" with Ernie Johnson's face tonight and wanted to see if I could find out an answer. A simple google blog search and the answer is mine. Thanks for providing the info. I've always liked him - hope he beats this.