Ever since the NBA increased the 1st Rd. from a Best-of-5 to a Best-of-7 series, people have moaned about how long the NBA Playoffs take.

The fans hate it. The media hates it. The players hate it. 1/2 of The Realests might be the only person that actually enjoys it.

In a cry for help directed at the league to shorten the playoffs, The Realests put last year's marathon in perspective by comparing it to much more grueling and monumental tasks in U.S. history accomplished in less time:

2005 NBA Playoffs:
62 Days

Sherman's March to the Sea:
37 days

Days at Sea Until Columbus Reached America:
36 Days

2000 Election Controversy:
33 Days

Bill Clinton Impeachment Trial:
21 Days

Alaska Purchase Negotiations:
19 Days

Time to Write U.S. Declaration of Independence:
17 Days

Cuban Missile Crisis:
12 Days

Pulling George W. Bush Away From "The Pet Goat" on Sept. 11:
7 Minutes

note: "The Pet Goat" is often mistakenly referred to as "My Pet Goat"

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