We don't necessarily blame ESPN on this one, but the Duke lacrosse story is another one of those things we can't have drilled in our head any longer.

Please! We know that the following people are already evil - you don't need to talk about it anymore!

Duke player Ryan McFayden: He wrote the infamous e-mail stating, "... i plan on killing the bitches as soon as the(y) walk in and proce(e)ding to cut their skin off while cumming in my duke issue spandex ..."

District Attorney Mike Nifong:
In an interview with ESPN, asked why the defendants got lawyers if they were innocent and hadn't been charged yet.

Duke player(s) that thanked strippers' ancestors for picking the cotton in their shirts:
Pretty self-explanatory.

Duke player(s) that offered a broom as a sex toy:
Also self-explanatory.

Kim Roberts:
The 2nd stripper at the party who thinks a rape occurred after originally questioning the accuser. Why is that evil? Because the defense found an e-mail from her to an NYC PR firm asking for advice on "how to spin this to my advantage."

Coach K:
Just for being Coach K.

Surely, this list will only continue to grow.

We can already see the discussion on today's Around the Horn:

Woody Page: "Kill the players - I don't care if they did it or not! They must pay the price!"

Jay Mariotti:
"Now hold on Woody, this is 'He said, She said'..."

JA Adande:
"Whoah guys, I don't think we should jump to conclusions so quickly. Let's wait 'til the legal system plays this out... Remember: "Innocent until proven guilty" - we don't have all the facts!"

Bob Ryan:
"I wish I could smack Kim Roberts!"

Tony Reali:
"Aaaaalright fellas, 2 points for Adande! Next topic: Who's better - the 1994 Charlotte Hornets or this year's D.C. United team? Around the Horn to Woody Paige."

Please, ESPN - this is a chance to cover a story the right way. How about we just wait for the trial to start? And then, we don't need a day-to-day analysis of what the players wore to court or how the prosecutor smelled during opening arguments.

Now the 2nd most disgraceful moment in Duke history...


Anonymous said...

You gotta add Duke's newspaper, The Chronicle. Just search their archives for the word "rape," and you'll learn that the Durham locals (some White but mostly Black) have been assaulting Duke women for years (see links below). There have been several (but much fewer) assaults reported against other Duke students, but you have to ask yourself this: if the following assaults by Black Durham residents against Duke women weren't racial or "class" issues, then what were they? Were they just rapes by men who are rapists against available rape victims? Why didn't any of these attacks results in lengthy, thumb-sucking opinion pieces in the Chronicle about woeful Duke-Durham relations?


And search the archives all you want, but you won't find a word of apology, candlelight vigil, march, or visit from Jesse or Al about these assaults by NCCU students against Duke students:


In fact, this is not even the first time an NCCU student has alleged gang rape, although last time, Duke students weren't the aaccused. I doubt this woman had her tuition paid for by Jesse:


The question is, regardless of whether the allegations in the lax case somehow manage to be true, why was it heralded by the press (either actively or passively by letting bigots pontificate on their airwaves) as Exhibit A in the allegation that Duke abuses NCCU, Durham, poor people, and Blacks when previous (and more numerous) cases showing the reverse were virtually ignored?

Anonymous said...

"Please, ESPN - this is a chance to cover a story the right way. How about we just wait for the trial to start?" If Nifing is not ratholing a Blue Dress piece of evidence there will not be a trial. Based on evidence in the public domain there is zero evidence backing the accusation. No DNA, apparently faulty ID's, the accuser's criminal record, and her drug and alcohol abuse during the period the attack "took" place. Whatever happened, this is a horrible mess. And I've no idea how it can be fixed.

Kevin said...

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