Gawker Recap


We really touched a nerve with that one.

At the end of the day, we'll always stick by our motto of squeezing first and asking questions last (and sometimes we won't even ask questions). Maybe Gawker didn't mean to diss us, maybe they are just cheeky and sarcastic. Either way - fuck them. We don't really care. As Hov would say - "We're men with pride, you don't do shit like that."

Here are a few of our thoughts on the whole situation:

1. NYC Snobs

Most people that read the post told us our jokes were fuckin' pathetic. Well, hate to break it to you bozos - but it IS funny to see someone take a dump in a subway station and find dome pieces on the sidewalk. If you are too wrapped up to accept that, well, that's why you don't think we're funny. Oh - and we'll rep the Midwest 'til we die.

2. Gawker Defenders
One comment told us to stop "writing mean things about Jessica and Jesse." Give us a break. Do you read their site? They're assholes and you read them because they are assholes. So stop crying.

3. Bodily Fluids

A lot of people told us to wipe "Gawker's cum" off of our faces and move on. Now, maybe it's just us, but if someone just shot cum on our faces, we'd be pretty pissed.

4. General Haters

There are a lot of people that just generally had negative things to say about our site. We can accept that - our humor isn't for everyone. I don't visit blogs about violin players and make fun of them because I don't care about people who play the violin.

I do have a problem with someone who says - "the prose on this site is awful." Hey jackass - if you're reading blogs to get your literary fix, then you've got problems. Pick up a novel, try that out.

5. Road Dogs
The best thing to come out of all this were the Road Dogs. We really appreciate everyone that left positive comments.

Keep visiting the site. Keep being real.

- The Realests

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